Alabaster Caverns

Freedom, OK


Intense Lighting's V-Rail System Lights the Way at Alabaster Caverns State Park

In what has to be the most unique project application to date, Intense Lighting’s LED V-Rail Gen 2 System is now lighting the way for visitors to Oklahoma’s Alabaster Caverns State Park. It is the largest gypsum cave in the world open to the public. More than 600 feet of the V-Rail System was installed in less than a month – two weeks ahead of schedule while working around visitors. Despite the speedy installation, the challenges were many. Without a single flat spot in the entire cave, the installation crew had to constantly field measure every cut. In addition, each of the four crewmembers typically traversed 330 steps into and out of the cave at least 10-12 times a day while working underground in a steady temperature of 50 degrees. Intense Lighting’s V-Rail Gen 2 System replaces an older, T-5 fluorescent handrail system that had begun to corrode and was emanating enough heat from the light source that moss was beginning to grow. These issues created concerns regarding the long-term, natural balance of the cave and visitors’ safety.

“Selecting the LED V-Rail System from Intense Lighting was the right choice for this project,” says Cy Nowkhah, Electrical Engineer and Project Manager. “We’re all very pleased with the outcome. We had a great installation and we’re confident their system will last for many years to come."

Cy Nowkhah, Electrical Engineer and Project Manager



Download: Project Spotlight