Residential Solutions

Ambient, Task & Accent Recessed Lighting

Ambient, Task & Accent Recessed Lighting

Bring Intense Home

Never before has a home been more important than today. Thanks to the advancements in LED technology, residential lighting can be tailored to your personal needs, contributing to a happier and healthier home. 

Intense Lighting offers a collection of products that provide beautiful, efficient illumination that customizes any room perfectly.

Lighting That Works With Your Space

Light Quality Matters

Vibrant Colors, Full Range of CCTs, Uniform Illumination & Consitent Tones

Because Details
Make The Difference

Bring a home to life under vivid 80 and 90+ CRI. High CRI lets you enjoy more vibrant, realistic colors for anything from applying makeup, cooking dinner, or illuminating art on a wall. 

2 Step Binning throughout our downlight portfolio brings industry leading color consistency for a perfectly illuminated home.

Highly Configurable & Adaptable Lighting

Let It Shine with perfectly aimed light. Flexibility to aim your lights provides the control needed to highlight that beautiful art. Pinhole trims yield low glare while hitting the target. With expansive options like downlights, adjustables, and wall washers that utilize the same housings, mechanisms and modules, quick on the spot change orders have never been easier.

Low Glare Adjustable Pinholes
Adjustability For Every Angle
Small Apertures For High to Low Ceilings

Take Control, Set The Mood.

Our homes are working harder than ever for us and the need for multipurpose spaces has grown exponentially. Living rooms have become offices and classrooms, making the right light at the right time more important than ever. Using Tunable White to simulate natural light and intensity can better work performance, mood, sleep and overall health.

6500K to 2700K Tunable White

Wind Down, Get Comfortable

There’s no denying the comfort we all feel from warm incandescent light sources. Providing an old school feel with new school performance, Warm Dim emulates the same warm glow with the flexibility of LEDs. With deep architectural dimming that warms as it dims, creating your ideal ambiance is at your fingertips. 

3000K to 1800K Warm Dim 

Multiple Control Options

Stay connected with countless options
Compatible with modern control systems.

From Bluetooth to DALI, Intense luminaires provide interoperability with a host of different control protocols to keep the entire house connected.

A well-equipped home is ready for any task, especially when outfitted with devices that add safety, convenience and ambiance to daily living.

Architectural Dimming Down to 0.1%
DALI & DMX Options

The Perfect Downlight For Any Space

MX 3.5-Inch Downlighting

  • Up to 1850 lumen
  • Title 24 & Energy Star Compliant
  • Over 100+ Trim Compatibility
  • Warm Dimming, Tunable White & Beam Wireless Optic Options
  • Best for common use spaces such as lobbies, restaurants, and bars


Extensive Housing Options

Air-Tight IC
Chicago Plenum
Non-IC & Remodel Options


Extended Collar

5/8 Inches to 2 Inches


Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments

368º of Rotation
& 35º of Tilt


Performance Optics

9º | 12º | 24º | 36º and 50º
Wood Ceiling
Wall Wash
2-Inch Regressed
1/2 Inch Regressed
Flat Mount
White Finish
Black Finish
Satin Nickel Finish
Antique Bronze Finish


Gravity 2-Inch Downlighting

  • Up to 1500 lumens
  • Round or Square Aperture
  • Downlight, Adjustable, Wall Wash & Shallow
  • Easy New-Construction (Non-IC/IC Rated) & Remodel (Non-IC) 
  • Extensive Dimming Options
Award Winning 7º
Over 30,000 CBCP
Class Leading 45º Tilt
360º Rotation
Adjustable Collar Heights
1/2 to 1 1/4-inch
1-Inch Deep Cone
5/8-Inch Regressed Cone
Round Downlight
Square Downlight
Round Wall Wash
Square Wall Wash

LC 4-Inch Downlighting

  • Up to 1000 lumens
  • 2 Hour fire rating per UL514A
  • Inherent Airtight IC and CCEA rated for Chicago Plenum
  • 2-Step MacAdam binning and 92 CRI Standard
Round Downlight
Square Downlight
Round Wall Wash
Square Wall Wash
Drop Lens
Round Adjustable
White Finish
Black Finish
Satin Nickel Finish

XS 2-Inch Downlighting

  • Up to 1100 lumens
  • Dual purpose housing in remodel or new-construction
  • All-in-one driver with 0-10V and phase dimming
  • 2-Step MacAdam ensuring color consistency
Round/Square Downlight
Round/Square Adjustable
Round/Square Wall Wash
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Ambient, Task & Accent Recessed Lighting