Grand Park

Los Angeles, CA


Intense Lighting's V-Rail System Illuminates a Series of Stairways at the New Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles

Grand Park is a highly diverse civic park stretching over an expansive, four- block, 12-acre site downtown between The Music Center on the west, to City Hall on the east. “We worked to create a very public design that is both elegant and durable,” says Tony Paradowski, project designer for Grand Park at Rios Clementi Hale Studios. “The various grand stairways that mark the central axis of the park are lit using the V-Rail Handrail system to reinforce the central axis and distinguish the central stairways from the perimeter pathways. It provides a durable, efficient and beautiful design solution that is both pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing,” he says. “When looking up Grand Park from the steps of City Hall at Spring Street, the V-Rail Handrails glow along the central axis, illuminating the stairs with even intensity and dotting the centerline of the park along this 90-foot grade change."

“The V-Rail system has different color temperature options that allowed us to maintain the warm, white light used throughout the park. A variety of lumen outputs within the V-Rail line also achieved higher levels of light for safety purposes at various stairways. I definitely suggest working with Intense Lighting. They offered great customer service while agreeing to work within our existing budget.”

Ronit Fraenkel, LEED, AP, with Lighting Design Alliance (LDA)

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