1.5" Wildlife Certified V-Rail with Integral Power Supply


The Wildlife Certified V-Rail promotes safety of at-risk fauna through the use of amber LEDs and specifiable illumination distributions. Along coastal areas sea turtle hatchlings use the night sky to navigate. Certain types of light can disorient them and reduce their chances of survival. The Wildlife Certified V-Rail emits long wavelengths that don’t interfere with their ability to navigate safely.Building on the strength of the V-Rail family, this product features stainless steel construction which meets ADA requirements for persons with disabilities and additionally carries International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) compliance.

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Product Information

  • Product Features

    Size : 1.5in

    Application : Outdoor

    Family : V-Rail

    Light Source : LED

    Lumen Output : 100-500

    Product Shape : Round

    Product Type : Integral