4” Gravity LED Cylinder w/ Emergency Backup & BIOS


Gravity downlighting featuring BIOS SkyBlue Gen 2 technology outperforms all traditional phosphor-converted white LEDs on the market and offers the highest melanopic lux ratio (m/p ratio) for a given color temperature. Delivering up to 2000 lumens and providing architectural dimming, Gravity + BIOS creates a more natural environment for indoor spaces, promoting healthier circadian rhythms, healthier sleep patterns and overall well-being for everyone.

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Product Information

  • Product Features

    Aperture Size : 4 in

    Family : Gravity

    Light Source : LED

    Light Source Features : BIOS

    Lumen Output : 501-1000,1001-1500,1501-2000

    Product Shape : Round

    Product Type : Cylinder


  • Features

  • BIOS Illuminated™
  • Blue Spectrum Peak Emission at 490 nm
  • Control protocols from ELV, 0-10V, 3-wire, and DMX with options available in 0.1% and dim-to-dark
  • LED Light Engine

  • 3000K, 3500K or 4000K w/ 80+ CRI and R9 > 90
  • Rated life of >50,000 hours L70 based on LED testing per LM-80-08 and projected values using IESNA TM21-11